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Saving a polarized image



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    SpinView is meant for a quick start, visualisation and understanding of our polarization camera. The GUI provides option to configure the pixel format in Polarized8, display or save the polarization parameters (including raw polarization image, 4-polarizer angles or stokes parameters as one image,AoLP and DoLP). 

    However, the user would require our spinnaker API to stream with other pixel formats (such as Polarized16 or Polarized10p) or access individual image of polarizer angles or stokes parameters.

    We have polarization example code part of spinnaker sdk (default location: "C:\Program Files\FLIR Systems\Spinnaker\src\Polarization") as a guide on how to implement and access all the parameters.

    Please reference below KB article for more details of understanding and interpretation of polarization data captured from our polarization camera:

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