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what camera works best for low light?



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    Many of the Teledyne FLIR machine vision cameras work in low light situations.

    Sensitivity is not the only indicator of how well a camera will perform in low light.  Other sensor properties work together to determine how well a camera can work in low light.

    One of these properties is the absolute sensitivity threshold.  This tells you the light level where the signal surpasses the bassline noise of the camera.  Users can compare absolute sensitivity threshold between cameras with the model selector tool at Machine Vision Cameras | Model Selector | FLIR Industrial.

    The Teledyne FLIR sensor review also ranks most sensors by absolute sensitivity threshold as well as other important parameters.

    For more information on how to use the EMVA specifications to pick a sensor for your application, such as low light, check out the white paper at How to Evaluate Camera Sensitivity | Teledyne FLIR.

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