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bfs u3 vs Forge



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    The 5 GigE Forge and the BlackflyS USB3 both have similar bandwidth limits.

    There are 2 main differences between the two.

    1.  The Forge can run at longer cable lengths, 30m with Cat5e and 100m with Cat6a.  The BFS U3 is limited to 5m over its USB3 cable.

    2.  The newer architecture of the Forge allows for a higher framerate.  For example, both the Forge and BFS-U3 have the Sony IMX547 sensor, except the Forge can run at 120fps compared to the 72fps on the BFS.

    For a spec comparison between the 2 cameras, please refer to the FLIR camera selection and comparison tool at Compare Products | Teledyne FLIR.

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