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Can I sync the Oryx with a strobe light?



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    Yes, you can output pulse on over the GPIO of any of the Teledyne FLIR machine vision cameras which can be used to trigger a device such as a strobe light.

    To do this, wire one of the output pins and corresponding ground pin to the device to be triggered.

    Then, using SpinView or your favorite genicam based software, set the GPIO line to an output, and then set the Line Source to ExposureActive.  This will allow the strobe to match your exposure time.

    For GPIO pin configuration and information on the relevant camera properties to adjust, please refer to the camera reference manual or getting started manual.

    Please note that the GPIO from the camera can not drive much current, and you should not use the output to drive the strobe light directly.  You will need provide external power or buffer the signal.  Please refer to our application note at Buffering a GPIO pin strobe output signal using an optocoupler to drive external devices | Teledyne FLIR


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