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Can I configure the camera FPS to be the same as the inference rate?




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    Yes, you can configure your camera to only update when new inference data is ready.  This is done by putting the camera in trigger mode and selection Inference Ready as the trigger source.

    Inference needs to be enabled for this option to show up.

    In terms of framerate, I do not think the camera caps inference rate at 5Hz specifically, it should depend on the inference time.  The article at Neural Networks Supported by the Firefly-DL | Teledyne FLIR shows different inference times for different models.  SpinView can shows you the inference time it is running at, and I verified the framerate after enabling the trigger option above matched 1/inference time, which for me was about 1.3 fps.

    Hope that helps.  Let us know if we can clarify anything further.


  • Philipp Kuechenmeister

    Thank you, that helped!


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