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Camera Frame rate in different trigger modes




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    Hello Asaf,

    I am not sure which camera you are looking at specifically, but you can trigger a camera via a hardware line at the framerate the camera can run in free run, assuming the camera support overlap readout.  As you reduce your region of interest, if your max free-run framerate increases, you max trigger rate will also increase to match. 

    You may be referencing some of the FL3 variants where the framerate did not increase with ROI change, in which case you could not trigger quicker either.  These would be the exception though.

    I can use our documentation for the BFS-U3-19S4 for example:

    1.  You can find if the camera framerate increases with ROI by looking at our datasheet or spec table in our camera reference.  For example the table at shows the framerates for different resolutions at different pixel formats.

    2.  Max trigger rate should match the free run rate assuming the camera supports overlap readout.  You can find if it does by looking this up in the camera reference as well, for example: Acquisition Control - BFS-U3-19S4 Version 1910.0.120.0 (  Most cameras support overlap readout, but checking the manuals is a good was to make sure.

    Specifically if you are running a camera at full frame with an exposure time of 50ms, then your max framerate would but 20fps (1/exposure time) or the max framerate of the camera as per the spec table, whichever is smallest.

    I hope this helps explain what you can expect.  If you have a specific model and settings in mind, we can help verify it for you, but in general you can trigger as fast as the camera can run in free run for the resolution of the camera, as long as the camera supports overlap trigger mode.


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    Hello Asaf, did the above information help answer your questions?  We can help test a specific model and settings to verify maximum trigger rate for your resolution if you would like.

    Thank you,


  • Asaf Pipman


    Yes, thank you for the answer!
    We're in the process of testing maximum frame rates for one of the BFS cameras as we speak.

    We'll likely test full frame and cropped images, hardware and software trigger with different exposure times.

    If anything doesn't add up, I'll post an update.

    Thanks again!


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