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Synchronizing 5 cameras with arduino uno generator




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    Hello Varun,

    Trigger Overlap is not about synchronized images, but it allows you to trigger at the full framerate.

    TriggerOverlap should be available on all the cameras.  If one of your cameras doesn't show it, maybe check your firmware or ensure you are actually in trigger mode.

    Instead of decreasing your framerate, I suggest you just reduce your max exposure time.  Then, you can still get 50Hz, just ensure your exposure is shorter than 20ms.


  • TDY_Demos
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    Hi Varun,

    It sounds like you are using at 50 fps (10ms high, 10ms low = rising edge every 20ms).  If you are exposure time is also set to 20ms, I believe you are seeing sometimes half framerate because the trigger is being missed because you are still exposing.  To test this, please set a shorter exposure time or slow down your trigger rate to see if everything stays in sync.

    Are you using Spinnaker or Flycapture2 to work with your CM3 cameras?



  • Varun Narasimhan

    Hi Demos,

    Thank you for this. I have had some preliminary successes in trials of 3 cameras by using a lower trigger rate. I plan to try and increase the number of cameras to help me do this some more.

    I am actually not using either one of those softwares. I am working with an experimental programme developed from Python specifically for markerless motion capture called JARVIS MOCAP. 

    It was actually developed specifically for use with FLIR machine vision cameras.

    Sometimes on this the trigger overlap option doesn't appear for at least one of the cameras connected. I am starting to think that this could be a reason for problems.

    Do you know if its possible to get synchronised videos without using 'Trigger overlap'? E.g. what would be the way used for those camera models that don't support it ?





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