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7 CM3 cameras dropping frames



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    Hello Varun,

    Reducing the DeviceLinkThroughputLimit will reduce the bandwidth allocated to each camera, which will essentially decrease the framerate.  It sounds like by decreasing it, your framerate is about half.  When you record, if you still try to record with a fps setting of 50Hz, but your cameras are running at 25Hz, your video will look twice the speed.

    If you were using SpinView, when you record a video, you can enter a framerate or ask it to use camera framerate.  I would use the camera framerate for your recordings to look like real time.

    As you are using third party software, I am not sure what options they have.  They may be recording the avi's with a set framerate that is higher than the resulting camera framerate.

    You could also be dropping frames if your software can not keep up with so many cameras.  We have a light weight recording example in Spinnaker to verify if you can capture from all cameras at full framerate or not.  It is called AcquisitionMultipleCamerasWriteToFile.  You can use this example to verify if you can record from all cameras with out dropping frames to verify your hardware.  If that works, then the bottleneck would be in the software and you can start looking at those options.


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