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FLIR BFS-U3-16S2C-CS fps reduced



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    Hello Jeff.  Sorry about the delay in responding to this.  Is this still an issue for you, or did you contact our support team to resolve this?

    The cameras will not automatically reduce bandwidth if there is too much bandwidth allocated from other cameras.  Framerate could automatically decrease if your exposure time is set higher (for example, if you set exposure time to 100ms, your framerate can not be more than 10fps).

    The second camera could also be enumerating as USB2 possibly?

    Other than that, the framerate the cameras send images at will not auto-reduce.  If you are putting too much data on the host, you will drop frames on the host, but the camera framerate should stay the same.

    If this is still an issue, I apologize for the delay, I'd be happy to help you here or via a support ticket ( to figure out what is going on.

    Thank you,


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