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What is the different between mono12p and mono12packed pixel format, and how do I unpack it



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    Both Mono12p and Mono12packed are 12-bit packed pixels format, but they have different packing format and standards. Mono12p is based on USB3 vision standard, while Mono12packed is based on GigE vision standard (for more details, see

    Our camera support different packed pixel formats include but not limited to Mono12p, Mono10p, BayerRG12packed, BayerBG10p, etc. Supported pixel formats depend on camera model and firmware version flashed on the camera. More information about the arrangement of packed pixels can be found in camera technical reference.

    With spinnaker API, user could unpack to 16-bit without affecting the actual resolution. Here is example code snippet to unpack using spinnaker API in cplusplus:

    image_converted = processor.Convert(image_result_in_12bit_packed, PySpin.PixelFormat_Mono16)

    It is also possible to save raw image as captured in packed pixel format using spinnaker API as follows:


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