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Is there any form of timeout on BFS camera?



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    Application running our camera could be left open for a long time to capture frames randomly. However, there are some factors that could lead to camera getting disconnected or timeout exception if not properly configured:

    • Heartbeat enabled for GEV cameras: If the application is running in debug mode, it is recommended to disable heartbeat on GEV camera. Otherwise, it may incur timeout errors, and/or disconnect camera from host pc. Reference our example code on how to disable/enable GEV camera heartbeat
    • Grab timeout elapsed (especially when camera is in trigger mode): with spinnaker SDK, it is possible to configure grab timeout (in milliseconds) as part of input argument of GetNextImage. Spinnaker throws timeout exception for each elapsed time which could cause application to terminate depending on how the exception is handled or total number of images expected to capture throughout the runtime. One approach to mitigate this issue is either to set grab timeout to EVENT_TIMEOUT_INFINITE to block GetNextImage until image arrives or handle the exception to avoid terminating the program.
    • System power saving option in sleep mode: If host pc is configured in sleep mode, camera may lose connection especially when powered directly from host. Therefore, it is important to ensure that which ever power saving option set on host pc does not disconnect camera during runtime.

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