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Decrease frame rate on Chameleon3




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    To summarize this issue in case it helps others, there were a couple of possible causes here:

    1.  Old firmware and new firmware have some different naming conventions.  For example, AcqusitionFrameRateEnabled was called AcqusitionFramerateEnable in older firmware.

    2.  Another possible cause of the example code not working is that there were multiple versions of Spinnaker installed on the same PC, and there was likely a library conflict.

    Below is python code example on how to disable auto framerate, enable framerate control, and manually setting a framerate:

    ### Disable FrameRateAuto ###
    node_frame_rate_auto = PySpin.CEnumerationPtr(nodemap.GetNode("AcquisitionFrameRateAuto"))
    if not PySpin.IsAvailable(node_frame_rate_auto) or not PySpin.IsWritable(node_frame_rate_auto):
    print('Unable to turn off Frame Rate Auto (enum retrieval). Aborting...')
    return False
    node_frame_rate_auto_off = node_frame_rate_auto.GetEntryByName("Off")
    if not PySpin.IsAvailable(node_frame_rate_auto_off) or not PySpin.IsReadable(node_frame_rate_auto_off):
    print ('Unable to set Frame Rate Auto to Off (entry retrieval). Aborting...')
    return False
    frame_rate_auto_off = node_frame_rate_auto_off.GetValue()
    print ('Frame Rate Auto set to Off...')
    ### Enable AcquisitionFrameRateControlEnable ###
    node_acquisition_frame_rate_control_enable = PySpin.CBooleanPtr(nodemap.GetNode("AcquisitionFrameRateEnabled"))
    if not PySpin.IsAvailable(node_acquisition_frame_rate_control_enable) or not PySpin.IsWritable(node_acquisition_frame_rate_control_enable):
    print ('Unable to turn on Acquisition Frame Rate Control Enable (bool retrieval). Aborting...')
    return False
    print ('Acquisiton Frame Rate Control Enabled...')
    ### Set AcquisitionFrameRate to 10 FPS ###
    if cam.AcquisitionFrameRate.GetAccessMode() != PySpin.RW:
    print ('Unable to set Frame Rate. Aborting...')
    return False
    print ('Acquisiton Frame Rate set to 10 FPS...') 
  • TDY_Manuel
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    Hello Josephine, 

    This should be possible. Could you please open a support ticket on ? Then we can take a look in a remote session. 

    Best regards,



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