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Gaps in distance between photos taken with the Ladybug5+




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    Hello Tassio,

    Our camera does not capture by distance without a hardware trigger.  Typically, the GNSS would send out a trigger signal to the camera via the GPIO.  My understanding is the Applanix model you have does not trigger by distance.

    As such, the only software option is to trigger by distance on the software side, which is not ideal.  The code in ladybugSimpleRecording is meant to show how to do that: images are captured at full framerate, distance between the images is compared, and if the distance is greater than 3m, the image is saved.  Depending on the speed of the car and your framerate, distance between images could be much greater than the 3m, which could explain some possible gaps.

    In your case, it seems there may be gaps in distance but not in images, since it looks like before the gap you have multiple images that are close together.  This seems not like dropped frames, but repeating timestamps/GPS locations and then the coordinates catch up.  This could be based on the data coming straight from the Applanix system, or a timestamp error.

    As this is more complicated and not something for a forum, I will create a support ticket with you and we can try to troubleshoot.  It is best to compare the timestamps of the ladybug stream file and the timestamps/coordinates from the Applanix system and see where the gaps are coming from.

    Thank you,

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    Hello Tassio, 

    Could we please upload a small stream file that shows the problem?

    Best regards,



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