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Spinnaker uninstall fails with "Detected a Myri-10G/Myrinet related DLL in use. If you did remove an earlier version, please reboot first then restart installation."



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    3.x installer will always install Myricom related DLLs even if you don't have a Myricom card. The DLL will be loaded as well if any instance of Spinnaker is running. 

    Please try unregistering our DirectShow filter libraries by running these scripts as administrator: 
    "C:\Program Files\FLIR Systems\Spinnaker\src\DirectShowScriptFiles\DirectShowUnRegister_v140_x64.bat"

    "C:\Program Files\FLIR Systems\Spinnaker\src\DirectShowScriptFiles\DirectShowUnRegister_v140_x86.bat"

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