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Jetson Orin Nano & Flir Blackfly S Spinview Flickering




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    Hello Dennis,

    Thanks for reaching out.  We have found this to be an issue with the default display driver used on the Orin and Xavier.  In other arm boards, mesa is the only openGL option and therefore works fine.  However on Xavier and Orin, it has both mesa and nvidia modules.

    We found another post about this, and you can not toggle easily to mesa:
    [SOLVED] How to use mesa while nvidia module is loaded ? / Newbie Corner / Arch Linux Forums

    One way we have worked around this is to use Xephyr to emulate a X11 server, and display SpinView to that emulated display.  Doing so will cause SpinView to use the mesa stack instead of nvidia.

    sudo apt-get install xserver-xephyr
    Xephyr -br -ac -noreset -screen 1920x1080 :1&
    DISPLAY=:1 SpinView_QT

    I believe if you try the above, it should work.  However, it may not be the optimal solution for you.  Other options to try would be to uninstall the nvidia GL driver so the system defaults to mesa driver, or see if upgrading to the latest nvidia driver resolves the issue.

    In summary, the issue seems to be caused by an issue when we draw using the nvidia display driver.  Options to resolve this are:

    1. Run in emulated virtual display which uses mesa display driver (as above - this should work)
    2. Uninstall nvidia GL driver so that system defaults to mesa driver
    3. Investigate upgrading to latest nvidia driver to see if issue is fixed 

    Please let us know if any of these options helps resolve your flickering issue.



  • TDY_Demos
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    Hello Dennis, did changing the display driver as above help resolve your flickering issue?



  • David Strott


    The above solution (Xephyr/X11) did't appear to work for me. I'm on a Jetson Orin dev kit trying with both a gige and usb3 camera. The issue is probably with synchronization between the render/gl widget in spinview/qt and the image ingest from the camera driver on embedded arm. Its unfortunate that the spinview source isn't distributed along with spinnaker.


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