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Camera does not start and spinnaker throws exception with error code [-1010]




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    The spinnaker exception with error number -1010 is input/ouput exception that is mapped directly to GenTL values. The error is mainly related to communication problem between camera and host system. Some potential factors to look at with possible resolution are as follows:

    • Camera in bad state: power cycle camera (i.e disengage and re-engage power supply) may resolve this exception.
    • Damaged cable: swapping with another good cable could aid to resolve this error message.
    • Interface: try to update interface driver or test camera in another interface port or PC.
    • Insufficient power supply: confirm camera is receiving enough power. Otherwise, power camera externally via GPIO port.
    • Software implementation: software implementation approach or other exceptions in the software may cause spinnaker to throw this exception or camera to enter bad state. User may require to test our example code installed along spinnaker sdk or compare code implementation with our example code to ensure camera objects/resources are properly managed.
    • Firmware bug: this should be last troubleshooting option. User may require to open support ticket by using our contact form at Support team would confirm if there is any firmware available that may aid to resolve this exception.
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    Another possible resolution assuming camera is in bad state is to execute factory reset via spinView or spinnaker API.


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