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Minimum ExposureTime increases with trigger enabled



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    Hello Oli,

    I think there could be another property changing instead of just enabling trigger mode.  Testing on my side, just enabling trigger mode doesn't have such an effect on minimum exposure time.  Changing your pixel format, framerate, bandwidth, region of interest, enabling ISP will all change the cameras timing and could affect your minimum exposure time since the line frequency changes.  I could get the min exposure time to jump up to 263 if I set the camera into RGB8, with or without trigger mode.

    To find out if other properties are changing, there are a couple of options:

    1.  You can dump your node configuration to a text file using our NodeMapInfo_v140.exe binary that comes in our spinnaker bin64 folder.  You can then enable your trigger mode and do the same text dump to file.  You can then compare the files with your favorite utility (I use WinMerge) to see which properties are different.  

    2.  If this still doesn't help, you can save your good and bad settings to our User Sets, and use our FileAccess tab in SpinView to dump the user sets to a file.  You can then send them to us in a support ticket (Ask a Question ( and we can load your settings into our own camera (ie. we can clone your camera state).  We can then help you find out which property is increasing your minimum exposure time.

    I hope this helps.  Please let me know what you find, or feel free to raise a support ticket so we can work on this offline and post the end results in this post.


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