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How to set a duration on BFS output



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    Yes, it is possible, using the "Counters" feature.  Counters refer to a feature where users can specify a number of settings to determine how many times a signal has fired.  In this case, Assuming you are using SpinView and  Line 2 as the the GPIO output, in the features tab, you could search for and set the "line source" of Line 2 to "Counter 0 Active". Additionally, you would then have "Counter Selector" set to Counter 0, "Counter Event Source" to MHzTick, "counter duration" to 200, and "Counter Trigger Source" to Exposure Start.

    If you are unfamiliar with these terms or the Counters feature in general, please make sure to take a look at our application note on the subject, "Using Counter and Timer Control";

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