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GPIO interface circuit - please clarify input/output direction




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    Hello Derek, 

    The BFLY (Blackfly) and BFS (Blackfly-S) are two different camera families. You can find the technical reference for your camera here:
    The circuits to the left are what is inside the camera so you do not have to copy them. 
    The opto pins actually need a TTL pulse to trigger the camera. If you use the non-isolated pins, you can short the input pin and ground to trigger the camera. 

    Best regards,


  • Derek Smith

    Thank you, that makes it much clearer. For the Non-isolated input/output, the spec says that Output High Level is 0 to 24V. So if we are using it as an output of the camera and an input to our system (I think it's configured to be high during image exposure, like a strobe or something) then I will need to design the input circuit on our end to be able to survive up to 24VDC, correct?

  • TDY_Manuel
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    The 24 V are just the maximum external voltage you can use if you want to use a pullup resistor, which is not necessary for the non-isolated output. Without it, you will get a 3.3V TTL signal.  Or you can chose whatever your circuit can handle. 


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